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Crowns for front teeth

A resin crown is made from white resin is a moldable material used to restore teeth. We do our best to make sure they look as good as natural teeth, and the best way to keep them this way is with a good diet and brushing.  Although often look like natural teeth it is important to note that they are not as strong as natural tooth structure, so it’s important to avoid biting down hard with them: eating hard foods, biting fingernails, grinding and chewing on things like toys.


Crowns for back teeth

A stainless steel crown is a silver-colored cap, which is primarily used to fix molar teeth which will be used for years of hard chewing. They are used to restore molars that have large cavities or teeth that are at risk for breaking down and having future problems. The crown will help protect the tooth as your child grows and as they bite down into their favorite foods. Stainless steel crowns can be a great choice since they have a 97% success rate of protecting baby teeth until they fall out naturally.

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