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When should my child see the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a "dental home" by your child's first birthday!

Referred from another office?

  • We accept patients referred from another office who are under age 7
    • For us to provide your child with the best possible care, make sure your previous dentist emails you a copy of past xrays prior to your visit.
    • Every child starts at the practice with a comprehensive exam visit regardless of referral.

Change takes time

  • We want the best results for your child! 
  • Best results come when families stay with us for routine care and treatment needs (i.e. routine exams, cleanings, xrays, fluoride application, restorative needs). 
    • This helps us to spot potential problems, help develop dental skills and knowledge to ensure the best possible dental health in later years. 

We treat the child not the tooth

  • As pediatric specialists, we put the focus on your child. 
  • We evaluate growth, behavior, tooth health, diet, home care, and your unique concerns at each visit. 
  • We give you the best information to address specific needs and to achieve a healthy adult-tooth smile.

If all of this seems like a good fit for your family, we would love to get you scheduled with our office! Give us a call at (260) 490-5437 to schedule.




Preparing for your child's first visit

  • At the first visit, our goal is to evaluate your child’s needs and come up with a game plan together.
  • We tailor your child's first visit based on age, dental skills and comfort level. 
    • For example, infants and young children often do better in a parent's lap, whereas older children may be able to independently sit in the dental chair for their care.   

Preparing for your child's treatment visit

  • Dr. Ludwig and his staff will explain everything in easy to understand language based on your child's age.
    • We use words like "counting teeth", "ice cream water" or "sleepy juice", "sugar bugs" and "Mr. Thirsty".
    • Our intention is not to "fool" your child, but rather to create an interactive experience with dental treatment through positive reinforcement.
  • We get our best results when parents are silent observers who are confident and supportive.


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