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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends seeing a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than your child's first birthday. 

Referred from another office?

We accept patients referred from another office who are under age 10.  For us to provide your child with the best possible care, make sure your previous dentist emails us a copy of their past xrays prior to your visit.  Please read below to understand that we don’t just treat a tooth and that we get our best results over time.

We treat the child not the tooth

As pediatric specialists, we put the focus on your child.  We evaluate all of you child’s needs: growth, behavior, tooth health, diet, home care, and your unique concerns.  We give you the best information to address your needs and to get to a healthy adult-tooth smile.

Change takes time

We want the best for your child.  The best results come when families stay with us for routine care and treatment needs for a period of several years (i.e. routine exams, cleanings, xrays, fluoride, restorative care).  We are glad to support you from your child’s first tooth through their finished adult-tooth smile.

Preparing for your child's first visit

At our first visit, our goal is to evaluate your child’s needs and come up with a game plan.  We tailor your child's first visit based on their age and comfort level.  For example, infants and young children often do better in a parent's lap, whereas older children may be able to independently sit in the dental chair for their care.   We are more than happy to accommodate whatever may make your child most comfortable. 

Preparing for your child's treatment visit

Leave it to us. Dr. Ludwig and his staff will explain everything in easy to understand language based on your child's age. We use words like "counting teeth", "ice cream water" or "sleepy juice", "sugar bugs" and "Mr. Thirsty". Our intention is not to "fool" your child, but rather to create an interactive experience with dental treatment through positive reinforcement. We appreciate your help at letting us guide your child.  We get our best results when parents are silent observers who are confident and supportive.

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